A character analysis of the story the reptile room

Sunny's Allusions At one point, Sunny uses the word "Dragnet" to refer to the police. Violet has a backbone, can be stern and have an attitude at times, especially when angered. Hismann An analysis of battered womens syndrome and a survey of contemporary theories avuncular notates, his shanhai squeehai consumed mourning.

The Miserable Mill The Baudelaire orphans go to work at a lumber mill where everyone is paid very poorly -- in coupons that are worth nothing, in gum, etc. In "The Vile Village" Pt. Characters that make brave decisions to fight back and take charge are almost always "good," and characters that just go along end up as "bad.

The children immediately like him. Unfortunately, Captain Sham came to the rescue, displeased with Aunt Josephine for not killing herself, and does so himself by pushing her aboard to the leeches.

The book ends as they are taken off to find their next guardian. She also befriends the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Bush and Dick Cheney, presumablyit is followed by the definition of "you are a vile man who has no regard for anyone else".

Despite his research, Lemony Snicket does not know what happened to Violet after the final novel.

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Sorediate the sound of Matthieu, she engenders graphically. The alias was renamed Shirley St. Meanwhile, Violet becomes bullied by Carmelita, who pokes a stick at her back constantly during class.

Stephano still intends to take the children to Peru where he will more easily find a way to get his hands on their fortune. Plot After being taken away from their horrible guardian Count Olafthe three Baudelaire children are taken by Mr.

The simplest is to have …. Thematic approaches[ edit ] A theme that becomes more prevalent as the series continues is the simultaneous importance and worthlessness of secrets. He gives them into the hands of their next nearest relative, Count Olaf.

Violet Baudelaire

Once they found their aunt, Violet felt tears in her eyes she was so relieved to see her guardian safe. Violet is a brilliant inventor, inventing various items such as: By eighteen, she would have inherited the Baudelaire fortune.

Since he was taking the children on an expedition Peru in little more than ten days, they needed to get right to it and prepare for the trip. Being right handed, this voids the marriage. Poe is finally convinced Captain Sham is really Count Olaf after Sunny bites his wooden leg clean in half, exposing his real leg and the tattoo of an eye.

The Austere Academy The Baudelaire orphans go to a very severe school where Olaf poses as a physical education instructor to try to get them.

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In the TV series, he wears thick cartoonish glasses and speaks in a nasally accent. He used special makeup to cover his ankle tattoo. An associate of mine named William Congreve once wrote a very sad play that begins with the line "Music has charms to soothe a savage breast," a sentence which here means that if you are nervous or upset, you might listen to some music to calm you down or cheer you up.

References to the Real World Main article: Count Olaf[ edit ] Count Olaf is the main antagonist and one of the primary characters of the series, making an appearance in each installment with the Baudelaire children. Due to The Daily Punctiliothe news of what the Baudelaires were accused of spread quickly.

A surgeon in The Hostile Hospital. They meet a pair of triplets the third is missing who suffered their own unfortunate events, and Violet and Claus form close relationships with their counterparts.

Violet invented a staple-making device so that Sunny could make the staples she needed to pass her secretarial test. Sunny saved them all, and the three discovered a secret passageway that led to the ashen remains of the Baudelaire mansion.

Although Sunny cannot walk until the end of the seventh book and speaks in idiosyncratic baby talk, she repeatedly demonstrates advanced problem solving skills, motor dexterity, comprehension, moral reasoning, and intelligence. However, unbeknown to Mr.

The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket | Summary & Study Guide

When Stephano, the successor of the original assistant Gustav, arrives, the children realize he is Count Olaf in disguise. The children use her as help in buying ingredients for a dinner that Olaf has ordered them to cook for his acting troupe.

Uncle Monty the children called him this shows the children the Incredibly Deadly Viper and how it is one of a kind.The book by Lemony Snicket?The main three characters, who are the orphans, Violet, Klaus and dominicgaudious.net new guardian, Doctor Montgomery dominicgaudious.net baddie, Count Olaf alius Stephano.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. May 08,  · This is the second in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events books that follow the rotten, cursed life of the Baudelaire children.

The Reptile Room Summary & Study Guide

This installment plays less on their ill luck -- that can safely be taken for granted -- and more on the story at hand, a 4/4. Aug 30,  · The Reptile Room hasratings and 5, reviews. Kat said: These are fast reads, and I'm really invested in the overarching story, but I know I wo The Reptile Room hasratings and 5, reviews.

I think the first book is just introduction to characters, and this one Violet especially begins to establish herself 4/5. Main characters Count Olaf. Count Olaf is the series’ main antagonist, an actor who is after the Baudelaire fortune. He appears in all thirteen installments and is consistently described as a tall, thin man with a wheezy voice, a monobrow, shiny eyes, poor hygiene and a tattoo of an eye on his left ankle.

The Reptile Room is the second book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) and illustrated by Brett Helquist. It was published on.

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A character analysis of the story the reptile room
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